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Monday, January 31, 2011

Adultworking is not working no esta funcionando...

Hi there guys!! As you can see on my last blog update I was telling you about my profile at and all that but well... they seem to have a terrible customer service and I m still waiting for them to accept my ID pics in order to verify my account and so I can work on webcam for them.....
I sent them once ID where you can read my DOB but they said there wasn t any... ( they don t seem to realize that 198.... means a yr of
So well... still waiting for them to verify the new ID i sent but no luck and honestly I m getting sick of waiting...
I m working in a few other sites anyways so I don t care.. but I wanted to give it a try there but.. looks like that s not gonna happen anytime soon.
I ve been away from my Webcam for a few days now, taking a break cause I was needing it but I ll be back and running tomorrow at the following sites : ( Bombon argentino) From 1 PM and until 11 PM ( EST) (Melcamhottie) From 1 PM until 11 PM ( EST) ( napleschica) From 1 and until 7 PM ( EST) (Kylielatin) From 8 pm and until 11 PM ( EST) ( Trying to reach my new goal now, you can get my HD videos, Pics and play on cam with me there)
Allright guys this s all for now, I ll be making new posts along the week, stay tuned for some sexy Titty tuesday pics tomorrow.
I m gonna try to take a bunch of new pics this week and also shoot some new HD videos as well, I ve been pretty lazy when it comes to that but I ll try to not let the bad weather bring me
Hope u all have a great week!! Here r some hot pics to warm u up til tomorrow!!

Melanie :):)
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Thursday, January 20, 2011

My profile on / Mi perfil en

I might start providing cam shows and maybe phone sex in a future on I will let u guys know when my account is verified and my profile is finished :)
Here s the banner I made for it... , you can check it out if u like, but I ll be adding pics galleries and you guys can rent my videos there as well, and of course play with me on cam when you buy credits from the site.
I will let u know when it s finished, muahhhhhhhhhhhh!!


Check out my Profile

Happy thong Thursday guysss!! / Feliz jueves de Tanga chicossss!!


Que lo disfruten!!


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Snow, snow and more snow.... / Nieve, nieve y mas nieve....

Hi there guys!!!! Sorry that i haven t been on line that much this week but not sure if I ever told you this but I HATE COLD WEATHER!!!! with a passion, yes, hate cold, snow but more in particular ice, the ice that we have after the snow in any surface, this kind of weather and conditions really depress me and make feel down as hell... don t feel like doing anything, not being on cam with u guys.. so you can have an idea of how sad and depressed this makes me feel.... ( sidewalk, streets, parking lots, etc), I have a problem on my knees since I was lil and I gotta watch every step i take very, very carefully, otherwise I could get real injured and nor u or me want when i injure my knees I cannot work out or almost do anything for a month or longer.. so.. pray for me to be safe!!
I hope I feel better this week cause i gotta start my new cam schedule and I wanna stick to it for as long as I can :), here r some pics I took the other day before the 2nd big blizzard we had on Wednesday... those pics were taken when we had snow but in a normal amount and no ice yet... now it s just terrible.... not nice at all, enjoy the pics!!and I ll be making a new post on Monday, kisses!!

Hola chicos!!! Perdon que no me he conectado mucho en esta semana pero no se si alguna vez les conte cuanto ODIO EL CLIMA FRIO, si odio la nieve, el frio y mas q nada el hielo q se forma y como queda todo super resbaloso despues de eso ( veredas, estacionamientos, caminos, etc), tengo un problema en las rodillas desde q soy una ninia y tengo que tener extremo cuidado con cada paso que doy estos dias porq ese hielo esta en todos lados... rezen para que no me lastime, porq si pasa, eso quiere decir 1 mes o mas sin hacer gym, sin hacer practicamente cam tampoco...
Espero esta prox semana sentirme mejor ya q quiero empezar con mi nuevos horarios de Cam y espero seguirlos x el mayor tiempo posible.
Aca les dejo unas fotos que saque el otro dia, antes de tener la 2da gran tormenta de nieve el miercoles, estas fotos fueron tomadas cuando habia un poco de nieve pero algo normal, y sin hielo claro, ahora es todo un peligro andar afuera, disfruten las fotos y vuelvo a postear el lunes, besitos!!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cam schedule starting Monday Jan 17th / Horarios de Cam ( a partir del 17/1)

Hello guys, hope u r all having a great week!!
Me, well.... I m allright but we had a big snowstorm last nite and now everything is covered in snow and it s just... a mess.... I m gonna book my flight to sunny FL during the weekend ( I plan to go there around March) cause I cannot wait til I get there, enjoy the sun, the beach and my friends :)
I ll post pics when the time comes! :)
I ve been changing my schedule a lot lately and here s  a schedule that I plan to follow for a few months at least lol, here it s  ( all the times are on Eastern time USA) so if you are outside the US try to calculate the time difference, you can e mail me and ask me as well.

Hola chicos, espero q esten teniendo una semana super!!
Yo, masomenos la verdad, tuvimos una terrible tormenta de nieve anoche y todo esta cubierto de nieve y es super incomodo sinceramente... este fin de semana voy a reservar mis pasajes para ir a FL en marzo, no puedo esperar a disfrutar de mis amigos, la playa y el sol :), subire fotos del viaje cuando llegue el momento.
Ultimamente he cambiado mis horarios en cam bastante pero aca tengo unos horarios que espero poder cumplir con regularidad ( todos los horarios estan en tiempo este de USA, si estas en Espana seria como 6 horas menos q ustedes..), traten de calcular la diferencia y sino agregame al msn y te explico bien.

Monday to Friday  ( Lunes a Viernes)

From 8 AM until 12 PM = Live at  (baireschica)
From 1 PM until  PM = Live at (napleschica)
From 8 PM until 11 PM = Live at (kylielatin)

* While I m live on those sites I will be live at ( I might decide to leave that site if things doesn t get better, in that case I will keep u posted about where you can find me instead)

* I will be also open for MSN, SKYPE and YAHOO messenger shows ( for 1,50 USD x min, u won t find that rate in any cam site guys!!) Paying via Paypal or with credit/ debit card.

* I will be logged on at at all times too, help me reach my goal by buying my hot Videos , sets of pics and playing with me on cam :):)


From 12 PM until 5 PM ( Saturday and Sunday) ( I ll take turns, one weekend i ll be on MFC, another weekend on I will let u guys know every friday :)


Monday, January 10, 2011

Sexy PJ pics :) / Fotitos con Pijamas sexy :)

Here r some new pics I took the other day, I wanted to show a more laid back look and I hope u guys like it.
I will try to find time this week to shoot some new hot HD videos with the new toys i got recently, and I also wanna shoot a few new videos for, my username is napleschica , on the latin girls area and u guys r more than welcome to check me out; I will be posting my schedule there on wednesday so u can know when to find me.
I ve been trying several sites lately and the ones that were good at the beginning haven t been working very well for me ( and so I m trying to go back to and maybe make some time to be on MFC but it s hard to organize myself cause as u must assume, I have a life outside cam and I have to plan it as well...hehe
Enjoy the pics guys!! xoxoxo and have a great week!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo


Saturday, January 8, 2011

My sexy friend Roselynn Locks :)

Hello guys!!!!!!!!!!! How r u all doing today????????????? Before I continue let me wish u all a great new yrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ha ha ha
I haven t made any posts in this new yr that just started so let me tell u, I hope u had a safe and fun NYE and NY and wish u all the best for this new yr that is just beginning :)
In this occasion, I m not gonna talk about myself but I wanna introduce to all of you, my sexy cam friend Roselynn Locks :)
I met her at MFG ( and now we talk on Twitter a lot and we decided to exchange links on our sites/ blogs :)
Here r some pics she sent me to post here so you all can see what you r missing if you don t visit her site hehe
She also does webcam shows on MSN, SKYPE and YAHOO like me, so check out her official site for more info and details.
To get to know this hot busty redhead click  the following link:

I will be posting some of my new pics later today guys!! xoxoxoxoxo Have a great weekend!!


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Pussy pops available for purchase!New!!! / Chupetines juguetones en mi conio :):)

Hello guys!!!! Now you can also purchase " Pussy pops", that s a nice sweet lollipop that I will penetrate my hot juicy pussy with and now you will be able to taste it as well mmmmm yumm yumm!!

The price is USD 15.00 + shipping ( USA = 5.00 / International 8.00)

Note: All pussy pops include 10 pics of me playing with the lollipop and a 1 min long HD video so u can see how I enjoy myself while I play with it.

Hola chicos!!! Ahora tambien pueden comprar chupetines juguetones, es decir, dulces chupetines con los q voy a penetrar mi conio jugoso y caliente, ahora ustedes tambien podran saborear un rico chupetin lleno de mis jugos deliciosos mmmmmmmm q rico!!!!

El precio es de USD 15.00 + envio ( Internacional 8.00)

Nota: Todos los chupetines juguetones incluyen 10 fotos mias jugando con el chupetin en mi conio y un video HD de 1 minuto de duracion para que vean como disfruto y produzco placer.