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Thursday, May 26, 2011 is now LIVE!! Up and running!! :)

Hello everyone!!!! How r u all doing?? I hope great and I wanna apologyze for not updating my blog in a while but as some of you know because of my last post, I have been working on my first own site and putting it together.
From now on, I won t update this blog anymore and I will use as my site and Blog as well.
So if you happened to find my blog on Google or anywhere on the net, please click on the link below and it will re direct you to my site, my first and only Official site.
Click here  to visit my site. :)

There you will find my pics gallery, teaser videos, info about me and the sites where you can find me, etc.
You will also be able to purchase my cam shows, HD videos, pic sets and used panties there; check out the " Purchase my web cam shows and content page" and you will find the payment buttons there.
It s not a membership site ( yet) but pretty soon for the guys who wanna become members and enjoy the benefits ( access to my VIP content, members only shows, etc) feel free to do so.
I will let you guys know when the members option is available.
Stay tuned because I will be adding new content weekly, I m sure you will find something to satisfy your naughtiness cravings..haha
And last but def not least, feel free to contact me on the contact form on the site or by sending an e mail to 
and I will be more than glad to hear your comments, suggestions and things you would want to see on my site in order to make your experience more enjoyable.
Before contacting me for a show, I recommend you visit my info page about my shows and content where you will find out more about what I do and what I don t do on cam or when I shoot my videos, etc; this way you will save yourself and I some time.
I love what I do but I have my limits so make sure you are aware of that before you purchase my shows, I don t want you to buy a show and get something different from what you expect.
Allright guys, I gotta go now and keep on working on my beloved site and try to get naughty on Niteflirt  haha
Have a great nite, muahhhhhhhhhhh, kisses!!

Melanie :)

Ps: Oh I almost forgot, when you visit my site, go to my affiliate links page and click where it says "Live free cams" ( that s my streamate affiliate link), create an account there for FREE, and after you do that, contact me so I can send you my HD videos list, in return for your help, you get to choose one of videos for FREE!!, Don t miss out! U have no $$ to loose and u get one of my videos FOR FREE!!, just for creating an account with my link.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

My official website coming soon!!!!!

Hello there guys!! This a quick post to announce that my official website will be live very soon!!
I m still working on it hard to make it looks super cool when I announce the official launching.
In there you will be able to purchase my web cam shows, my HD videos and pic sets and used panties, all in one place :)
I cannot wait  til it s finished, here a banner a friend of mine made for me and she s gonna be pimping my whole site as well, she s great at what she does and super sexy! U can check out her blog here: Layla s Blog
I ll let u know when the site is live, muahhhh
Have a great Sunday!


Thursday, May 5, 2011

I m sad to announce that my cam schedule might change.. again.. :(

Hello everyone!!
Happy thong Thursday!! I hope u r all enjoying the booty pics on twitter and stuff.
This s a quick post to let u guys know that I might be changing my cam schedule pretty soon, because sadly, things at r not going very well....
Like I told u on my last post, my first week there was super busy and fun and I really wish it had stayed that way til now... but that s not the case...
From one day to another the site turned slow and boring, almost no guys on my chat room... as for the ones who know me already u guys know that i get bored pretty easily if there s no people to talk in the room or if people watch me but don t participate..
So , we ll see how things go, I might give it another try tomorrow and next week and hopefully things pick up... but I cannot promise anything...
If I don t have a few guys in the room or make a few pvts a nite I ll have to leave and try something new or keep focusing on my members site or own site at least where u guys could purchase my webcam shows, HD videos, etc.
I really think it s time for me to work independent, I mean, I ve been doing this for over 3 yrs now... I wanna work for myself...
If i work at any free chat site it will be because theyr very open and wouldn t mind me promoting my site there.
We ll see what happens and I ll keep u posted.
And here I leave u some naughty thong thursday pics, to make my post a bit more enjoy!!



Monday, May 2, 2011

After months of struggling, I m now a verified cam/phone girl at :)

Hello everyone!!!!!!!! How r u all doing?? I hope great!!
A couple months ago I made a post about how hard it was getting for me to get in touch with the support department from but finally after sending several e mails, ID s and stuff they were able to verify me so I could work on my cam and phone there for them.
I insisted because a couple of cam friends of mine told me the traffic there was really good, etc otherwise I would have given up a long time
I should be able to start camming and taking calls there tomorrow so make sure you check out my profile at 
I really hope I do well there because what I like from the site is that I have several ways to make $$ and have fun.
In there you will be able to:

  • See me on cam ( Up to 5 mins of free preview, with clothes on of course, If u like me u can take me pvt or group)
  • If you live in the UK , we can have some steamy phone sex ( I can also combine cam and phone together for an extra fee)
  • You can watch my HD videos ( I ll be making new videos for that site, long to explain here why, but I cannot add the HD videos I already have because of copyright reasons of the music tracks in the background... what a bummer!)
  • You can also sent my videos for a certain amount of time.
  • You will be able to purchase my used panties, personalized pictures and videos when I post them on the marketplace.
  • I will be able to create a wishlist and if you are feeling generous, you are than welcome to spoil me, and of course I will spoil u back!! 
Oh I forgot to say that for a number of credits u can have access to my private gallery, for 1 day, 3 or for a whole week, that s pretty cool as well.
So we ll see how things go and I will keep u posted :)
I will still cam at Streamate even tough it s been very slow lately but I will insist some more and hope it gets busy like the first week, so you can see me there on the schedule I mentioned not long ago.
Leaving the camming thing a bit behind and to change the topic a lil bit let me tell you guys that I started my 3rd week of P90X training today and I m feeling AMAZING!!, I highly recommend you to give it a try if you wannabe in great shape.
It s intense yes, but you will see results right away, I m pleased with the results I m getting and I plan to continue with the program and then do the Lean P90X plan to mantain the results.
Allrighty this is all for now and I ll be making a new post on Wednesday, I ll try my best to keep my word :)
Have a great week!!

Melanie :)


Monday, April 25, 2011

New HD Videos available for purchase!!

Hello guys!! How was everybody s Easter??? I hope great and I hope u ate lots of chocolate eggs since I m on a diet and couldn t eat  a gram of candy or chocolate :( well hope next Easter it s
Anyways this is a quick post to let u all know that I have five new HD Videos available for purchase and the titles and details are listed below:

Naughty rabbit: Watch me fucking my new and great rabbit vibrator, this is one of the last toys I got and I loveeee it!, it makes me cum so hard, with its different speeds and vibes modes, it s def one of my favorites! So get this video and u will witness a great and sexy orgasm :)

Lilac glass toy: Another toy I got not too long ago and I really enjoy.
Watch me getting naughty with it and cumming like crazy!
I didn t know glass toys were that good til I got my first one ( u maybe saw me using it on cam or got the video...
Anyways, this another must have on your Video collection, super sexy!!

Hitachi Wand: So many times I ve had watched other cam girls using these ones and I said I gotta try it!! It s def an intense experience and I know it might be loud at times but gosh, this " friend of mine" makes me cum like crazy! It s so intense I feel dizzy after playing with I love it! and I m sure u ll love watching me using it for u.

Big blue jelly toy: One of the biggest and thickest toys I had ever own that s for sure...
If u wanna see something biggg and thick going inside my hot warm pussy this is the video u gotta get. I love using this one and combine it with the hitachi so I can tease my clit with the Hitachi and fuck my pussy with this bigggg Love it!!

New jelly anal toy: As many of u know I love anal play but I also have my limits and don t use huge toys for it.
I got this anal dildo and I really enjoy using it so I can get some " back door" fun :)
It s perfect for my tight lil ass and it gives me lots of pleasure!
So if u like anal fun, this is your video to get.

Allight guys those are all my new Videos available and I hope you find something you like.
For a limited time only ( offer good until Sunday May 8th) you can get any of these videos for the low price of USD 10.00 ( regular price will be USD 15.00 each) or you can all the 5 Videos for the crazy price of USD 25.00!!!!!!! so hurry up!!, you have 2 weeks to take advantage of this great offer and have some fun while I m off line :)
As most of you know, all my videos are on Mediafire so once you purchase them, I ll send the link/s and you will be able to download to your comp super fast and easy.
For more details on methods of payment, etc e mail me at:

Hope to hear from you guys!! Have a great week!!


Sunday, April 24, 2011

A long term cam schedule.... at and some new pics!!

Hello everyone!! It s a long time since my last post but here I m.. I m back and ready to
I know I ve been posting different cam schedules in the past but thanks goodness I ve found a cam site where I feel I m not wasting my time and I have a blast every time I log in..hehe
I ve been trying several cam sites lately and I ve finally decided to work full time at
U can visit my profile here: , where u ll be able to create an account for FREE so u can chat with me while I m on the free chat area.
My profile there has apart from some sexy pics, my cam schedule but I m gonna be posting it here as well on this post.
I hope u guys visit me there cause the price x minute on pvt is cheaper than other sites and something really cool about it and that gives an extra something if u take me pvt there is that we can talk on the phone without actually exchanging # s yeah! so that s something really cool and different from other sites.
Needless to say I use my HD webcam when I m broadcasting there so the image s quality it s great and clear.
I m also adding some hot new pics I ve taken and I hope u guys like them, I ll be posting more during the week.
Also last but not least... hope u all had a Happy Easter!!


New long term cam schedule

From 10 AM until 1 PM: 
and taking calls at 

From 5 PM until 7 PM: I ll be back on
and then between 8 PM and until 11 PM back on the same site.

I will be available for Skype, MSN and YAHOO shows at all times when I m on or and taking calls at niteflirt, as well between 1 PM and 5 PM.
I will also be logged in at where you can purchase my HD videos, pics and cam shows to help me reach my weekly goal there. 

Here are some of my new pics, enjoy guys!!


Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy Thong Thursday guys!!!!!!!!!!!

Some Thong s Thursday love for u guys!!, enjoy!! xoxoxo


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy titty tuesday guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello everyone!! Here r some titty tuesday pics as promised :)
Hope u like them and stay tuned cause I ll be adding a new page to my blog with all the discount packages available for u guys, I m sure u ll find something u like :)


Monday, March 28, 2011

Hello everyone!! I m back! :)

Hello everyone!! I m back after a few weeks without blogging here... sorry about that..
As many of u know I was in FL for a few days and I had a blast!! downside is I didn t take as many naughty pics as I would had but well... I m sure there s gonna be more trips and chances to take naughty shots!! 
I got to relax there and have a great time and that included eating like a pig and drinking lots... ( Yeah I know I m a bad girl) so now since last Monday 21rst, the first day of spring I ve been eating healthy and working out from Mon to Sat and I m feeling way better, I ve lost 2.6 lbs last week so it seems I have started with the right foot :)
Once I reach my goal and look hot hot again I ll start making lots of photo shoots for u guys again, so have a lil patience and I promise it ll be worth the wait!
When it comes to webcam sites, well I ve been trying a few but also taking some sites out of my list due to either low traffic/income or cause I cannot block any country or state and I don t like that a bit, since I like to keep my privacy.
So the cam sites where u can find me at the moment are:

Monday to Friday schedule From 1 pm EST until 11 pm EST, my username is Melaniecamhottie, find me on the live chat area.

MFC ( Myfreecams) From 8 pm EST until 11 pm EST, my username is kylielatin, look me up! Taking calls after around 9 am and almost til late nite, I set my status on away for lunch, dinner, etc but I try to be taking calls there as much as I can.

Mygirlfund That s another site where u can purchase my HD videos and pics, and buy cam shows as well, there s promotions and specials going on, u should check it out guys!! Find me on line there same as in Niteflirt, From around 9 am EST til 11 pm EST, I ll try to check my messages and chat requests every half hr or so.

I ll be going back to when I come back from my next trip to FL ( around April 7th) and I ll let u know the schedule as soon as I know it, I might be replacing for this site for good if things go well... we ll see, I ll let u guys know.

And last but certainly not least u all know that I m available for my MSN, SKYPE and Yahoo shows which we both love cause there s no cam site in the middle and u guys get a great rate of 1,50 USD x min, I ve created special promotional packages so u can save lots of $$ and have lots of fun, I ll be posting the package list tomorrow.
As you know the forms of payment include Paypal, Alertpay and Credit card or Debit card as well and you gotta purchase 10 minutes at least.
OK guys this s all for now, I ll be blogging again tomorrow with some titty tuesday pics so don t forget to check my blog again sometime tomorrow during the day.
Muahhhhhhhh love u all!

Melanie :)
My twitter: mel_webdreaming 

Friday, February 25, 2011

I got my chynadolls bikinis on the mail!! New pics coming soon!!

Hello everyone!! How r u all doing!! TGIF!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I m so glad the weekend is here... gonna take a couple days off from my cam, they r much needed..
It s been raining all morn here and it s be like this all day so since I ve decided to take a couple days off from camming, etc I ll chill and relax.
I had a great day yesterday, I got my 2 chynadolls bikinis on the mail ( New pics coming soon) , they have super sexy bikinis and I cannot wait til I wear them in FL, it s gonna be fun.
I also went to the mall and got a really nice pair of shoes , they will go great with a dress I got ( silver with lots of sparkles on, it seems sparkles r very in for this upcoming spring/summer so...)
Changing topic, I ll be signing up to work at some other Phone sex sites and I will let u guys know as soon as I join those and get approved.
NF got very slow after the first 3 weeks so I will have to join more sites in order to have a decent income to pay my bills, etc.
I will be back to in the next couple days :)
Almost forgot to tell u guys, is live now and you can join there if u like, it s very similar to but since that site got pretty slow for me as well lately ( I guess this bad worldwide economy is not helping the cam/ porn business at the I decided to join and give it a try; my username there is Ashleysweets and you can purchase my HD videos and pic sets same as u could do in before.
Allright guys, I ll be making more posts next week and hopefully with some new pics for your delight as well.
Have a great weekend!!!!