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Friday, February 25, 2011

I got my chynadolls bikinis on the mail!! New pics coming soon!!

Hello everyone!! How r u all doing!! TGIF!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I m so glad the weekend is here... gonna take a couple days off from my cam, they r much needed..
It s been raining all morn here and it s be like this all day so since I ve decided to take a couple days off from camming, etc I ll chill and relax.
I had a great day yesterday, I got my 2 chynadolls bikinis on the mail ( New pics coming soon) , they have super sexy bikinis and I cannot wait til I wear them in FL, it s gonna be fun.
I also went to the mall and got a really nice pair of shoes , they will go great with a dress I got ( silver with lots of sparkles on, it seems sparkles r very in for this upcoming spring/summer so...)
Changing topic, I ll be signing up to work at some other Phone sex sites and I will let u guys know as soon as I join those and get approved.
NF got very slow after the first 3 weeks so I will have to join more sites in order to have a decent income to pay my bills, etc.
I will be back to in the next couple days :)
Almost forgot to tell u guys, is live now and you can join there if u like, it s very similar to but since that site got pretty slow for me as well lately ( I guess this bad worldwide economy is not helping the cam/ porn business at the I decided to join and give it a try; my username there is Ashleysweets and you can purchase my HD videos and pic sets same as u could do in before.
Allright guys, I ll be making more posts next week and hopefully with some new pics for your delight as well.
Have a great weekend!!!!


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My flirt store is up and running!! More videos and pics to come!!

Hello there guys!!!!!
Well it seems today i m keeping my promise of updating my blog 3 times a this is the 2nd one so far this week...Go me! lol
Two things, if u remember my last post you might had realized that I ll be on line at 
From 1 PM EST until 4 PM EST and then again between 8 PM EST and 11 om EST, well here s a link where u can create an account so we can play on pvt or nude chat :) Click here 

I also wanna let u know that my flirt store for niteflirt is up and running, yeahhh! so now u have another place where u can purchase my videos and pics and for a great promotional price at the moment ( HD videos between 5.00 and 7.00  USD) super cheap pics, etc.
Check it out on the following link 
I will also create a page with the direct link to my store so u can have access to it easily anytime, even when this post becomes
Allright guys, I m heading for lunch now, I m super hungry, I ll  be making another post on Friday, Happy Hump day!!!!!!!!


Monday, February 21, 2011

Cam/Phone schedule Feb 22 nd/ Feb 27th

Cam and phone schedule for this week

Hello everyone!! Here s my cam/phone schedule for the week and I ll try to follow it as best as possible... ( u know weekends r a bit different cause I ll never know when I ll be on for sure but...)
I ll stay inside my schedule from Tues to Fri for sure. ( Username: melanielatin) 1/4 PM EST and 8/ 11 PM EST.

* Same schedule goes for ( Username: Melaniecamhottie)

* I ll be taking calls on niteflirt at the same times as and and I might be available in the AM as well after 10 AM EST. I ll try to be logged in there as much as possible but basically the schedule would be the same as for the sites above.
Remember that u can purchase my HD videos there and buy cam shows as well, my weekly goal will be 200.00 USD and I m sure u guys can help me reach it :)

* Needless to say that I ll be available for my MSN and Skype shows and selling my sexy panties as usual.
Check out my panties blog at:
for more details. 
* Important: Now u can purchase the shows via it s very similar to paypal so if u don t have an account u should get one, it s FREE!

As some of u know, my trip to sunny FL is only 2 weeks away so I m trying to make as much extra $$ as possible til then, since that trip will be a big expense for me and when I come back, I ll have another big personal expense coming up, so I gotta work hard now so then I can relax and enjoy :)

Allright this is it for now, I ll be making another post on Wednesday, stay tuned!!!!!

Melanie :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy late Valentine s!!!/ Feliz dia de los enamorados atrasado....

Hello everyone!! I know I ve been gone for like a week but well.. I ve been feeling kinda lazy to upload my blog as sorry about that..
News about me?? well... let me tell ya that, it s been over 2 weeks since I started working at the phone sex site and I m loving it so far!! I ve seen kinky stuff there but I m also having lots of fun and I m getting a decent amount of calls x day which makes it worth the try... much better than spending hours on free chat in my opinion..
Remember that I have 3 listings on the PHONE WITH CAM area so that means you can see me on cam and talk to me on the phone at the same time :)
I sent a message today to the support area so they can activate my store there as well, where you will be able to purchase my HD videos and pics if you like, that s pretty neat.
My schedule there stays the same from Monday to Friday ( I usually start taking calls around 10 AM EST, have lunch around noon and then take calls between 1 PM and until 11 PM) so u have no excuses u ll find me there for sure!
I never have the same schedule on weekends, sometimes I take calls, sometimes I prefer to take one day or two off to relax and enjoy my life outside cam... but if i m bored and have nothing to do, I take calls over the weekend as well... 
Call Button
I m saving $$ for my trip to FL and some other expenses so I try to be on as much as I can.
Here r some Valentine s pics I took, If u wanna see more you can check them out at My username there is Melaniecamhottie or also at my page at
On my next post I will give u guys an updated schedule so you can know in what cam sites to find me, etc I m trying new sites as usual and I have been absent from others too...
Hope you like my V day pics, muahhhhhhh!! xoxoxoxo


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy thong Thursday guysss!! / Feliz jueves de Tanga chicossss!!


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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tittiessssssssssssssss!! / Tetassssssssssssssssss!!

Happy titty Tuesday guys!! 
Enjoyyyyyyyyyy!! :):):):)

Feliz martes de tetas chicos!!
Que las disfrutennnnnnnnnn!! :):):)

Melanie :)
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