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Thursday, May 5, 2011

I m sad to announce that my cam schedule might change.. again.. :(

Hello everyone!!
Happy thong Thursday!! I hope u r all enjoying the booty pics on twitter and stuff.
This s a quick post to let u guys know that I might be changing my cam schedule pretty soon, because sadly, things at r not going very well....
Like I told u on my last post, my first week there was super busy and fun and I really wish it had stayed that way til now... but that s not the case...
From one day to another the site turned slow and boring, almost no guys on my chat room... as for the ones who know me already u guys know that i get bored pretty easily if there s no people to talk in the room or if people watch me but don t participate..
So , we ll see how things go, I might give it another try tomorrow and next week and hopefully things pick up... but I cannot promise anything...
If I don t have a few guys in the room or make a few pvts a nite I ll have to leave and try something new or keep focusing on my members site or own site at least where u guys could purchase my webcam shows, HD videos, etc.
I really think it s time for me to work independent, I mean, I ve been doing this for over 3 yrs now... I wanna work for myself...
If i work at any free chat site it will be because theyr very open and wouldn t mind me promoting my site there.
We ll see what happens and I ll keep u posted.
And here I leave u some naughty thong thursday pics, to make my post a bit more enjoy!!